How to have a better relationship with social media

8 thoughts on “How to have a better relationship with social media”

      1. On youtube, Mariana’s corner is good for note-taking n for productivity stuff, Thomas Frank n Matt d’avella. They have helped me a lot n you might end up following them😊


  1. Love the tips. I wish I had this insight on reducing consumption in my 2nd year in university! I agree that the Instagram app sometimes needs to be hidden or even deleted.
    I read a book called “Digital Minimalism” by Cal Newport that has some good insight on reducing consumption, and I highly recommend!
    And yes, I love Ali Abdaal too. He’s one of my inspirations on YouTube.


  2. An underrated article. I’ve never been big into insta, but I would find myself mindlessly watching hours of Facebook videos and scrolling my Twitter feed.

    The biggest change in my life came when I progressively cut out social media entirely. I wouldn’t recommend this course of action for everybody, but I can’t honestly say I’d be where I am today without replacing those mindless activities with better habits


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